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New Life Sabbath School and Vacation Bible School engage children and youth in a full Bible-based ministry to help them on their journey with their Saviour.

In every age group there are songs, crafts, bible stories, games and so much more. We include outreach ministries, to not only involve our younger members with their community. Also, they get to work with our lighthouse mascot “Blinky” to collect food for our “Red Bag” ministry for the less fortunate.

We also have our older age group involved in our puppet ministry which involves skits, and songs – this allows them to engage with our younger children, and teaches them about leadership and volunteering

With Covid-19 in our lives we now, and unfortunately the near future, we have been able to continue to keep the connection for our youth with their teachers and each other through Zoom Sabbath School/VBS. With God’s guidance we will be able to continue not only the Sabbath School/VBS but will be able to implement our puppet ministry and even more as we plan for further ways to keep them connected to each other and most importantly Jesus. We can’t wait to have you join us! Blinky may even join in…you just never know!