New Life now has two services on Saturdays: 10am (in-person and livestreamed) and 12pm (in-person only). We hope you’ll join us!

Praise and Worship

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“To worship God is to humble everything about ourselves and exalt everything about Him.” – Bob Kauplin

God saved us from a life not worth living and gave everything for us. As we think of this amazing gift of love, we naturally want to praise and honour Him and lift Him up in every way we can.

Worshipping God is a core part of what New Life is; one excellent way we express that worship is through music.  We offer Him praise through the different styles of music our members find a natural pathway to reach out in worship to God.  From a central focus on current mainstream Christian music to updated classic hymns, we sing with a full band with percussion to sing our best praise in music to God each week.  We can all let the music help lead us in our worship of God. 

If you have a passion for worship and a humble desire to lift God up, there are many parts that make worship in music happen.  Volunteers work behind the scenes on the audio, video and computer production of the live service, recording and streaming, as well as those that you do see who give of their musical talents up front to lift Him up in music.

If helping lead the people to worship through song is something you want to be a part of, contact a worship coordinator and you can become a part of a group who help all of New Life worship Him together each week.

Worship: where God isn’t moved by the quality of our voice but by the condition of our hearts.” – Chris Tomlin