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Pastor Matt Feeley

Pastor Mathew Feeley

Pastor Mat has served as a pastor in Toronto and Ottawa since 2006. He is a graduate of Burman and Andrews University. Mat loves people and is passionate about community and evangelistic outreach. He has travelled the globe preaching the Word and baptizing souls according to the Gospel Commission.


Kristy is Mat’s dear wife. They are the proud parents of Ayden. As a pastoral family, they work as a team in ministry. They love the church and desire to see it grow as a healthy tree in God’s garden. Serving at New Life is an honour to the Feeley family.





Board Members

Ann Thompson

Ann Thompson

Neighbourhood Centre Director

Ann has served as director of the Neighbourhood Centre since 2012. She is also an elder of New Life Church. Ann is a retired insurance underwriting manager and she pours all her skills into leading the ministry of the Neighbourhood Centre. Her passion for helping people who are in need is her way of showing God’s love to the world. Ann and her husband Noel have two grown daughters, Tamari and Lisa, and three grandchildren the youngest of which is four year old Michael who keeps them busy whenever he visits.

Dave Crofton

Dave Crofton

Sabbath School Coordinator

David returned nearly four years ago from South Korea, where he spent 17 years with his wife, Kerry, and their two sons. He’s happy to be back in the Oshawa area again. Currently, Dave serves as Sabbath School Coordinator, assistant treasurer, College Park Elementary School representative for New Life, and church clerk. He has a lifelong thirst to follow after Jesus and a relatively new understanding of how deep God’s live (and ridiculous grace) for us goes.

Noel Thompson

Noel Thompson


Noel has served our church as the treasurer since 2013. His other church responsibilities include elder and praise team leader. Some of his friends refer to him as the “tax man”. He doesn’t mind as these were some of Jesus’ favourite people to hang out with. Noel’s passion is to follow Jesus more than anything else in this world and he is happy to use his gifts to build God’s kingdom wherever he can. He also enjoys gardening at home.

David Bouwmeester

David Bouwmeester

Head Elder

David has been serving as head elder at New Life since 2013, and has also been involved with worship and the audio departments and in various roles over the years. He enjoyed working with the renovation team over the last 20 years and was happy to see the whole building completed last year, ready for God who has already put the whole building to good use. He works in the industrial electronics and welding industry. He has been married 19 years to Karen and they have two children, Michael and Amanda. New Life is a real family to him and his passions include singing on praise teams, learning and helping others learn how to practically walk with God each day.

Karen Bouwmeester

Karen Bouwmeester

Communications Coordinator

Karen is serving in communications, and produces the bulletin each week along with future oversight and management of the church website. During in person services she organizes the team that displays the words of songs and puts presentations on the screen, and helps out with the annual vacation bible school. She is an elementary school teacher who loves helping children learn and read, and enjoys reading.

COVID-19 Update - 2022-05-18

New Life Church has "re-opened" to in-person services with "no" restrictions, and is live-streaming the services each week through our YouTube channel here.

You can also sign up for our weekly newsletter for all the latest information. God bless you!

The New Life Neighbourhood Centre is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and can be reached by phone at (905) 404-2004.


COVID-19 is still a difficult reality in our world right now. Yet God has brought the world through many a crisis before and will do so again.

"God our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1).